Spring worries

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Meeting the Gulf is always an unusual experience.
I have been to this shore many times and each time it is different.
Tide and ebb, sun and rain, winter and summer, spring and autumn ....
Every time I see something new.

Yesterday I showed you the last of the snowmen in these parts.
Yes, a day ago everything was covered with fresh snow and this after +20C on some days.
Nature never ceases to surprise us with its weather.
Man has created climatic weapons and tries to use the weather for his own purposes.
But nothing goes without consequences.

Just look at Dubai ...

But let's not be sad.


There was no bright sun yesterday.
I had a gradient filter on the sky.
There were quite dense clouds near the horizon, but above they thinned out and turned into haze.


And only the birds don't know anything about it.
They live their bird life with their own worries.
And their main concern now is to breed new offspring


And people. what about people, they have their own lives too.


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Nice shots, love the first with the trees :))

Glad to see you and thank you for your kind words!

You are welcome :))

Nice composition for the first picture definitely best capture..

Thanks kindly 🖐 😊