avle 지분율 (기준일자: 2024.6.10)

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2024년 6월 10일 기준 @avle 지분율입니다. 임대량(ksp, 1천sp = 1ksp)과 임대일수의 곱으로 표시되는 비중값을 이용해서 @avle 자본금에 대한 지분율이 계산됩니다. 실제 계산은 스팀파워가 아니라 블럭체인에 실제로 기록되는 임대량 정보인 vest값을 이용해서 이루어집니다. 지분율 계산은 2023년 3월 6일부터 시작되었으며, 한국시간(GMT+9) 기준 매일 밤 11시 59분에 계산됩니다. AVLE25 가입자(월별 보상 지급 대상자)의 지분율은 맨 아래에 있습니다.

계산 시점에 조회된 @avle 자본금(자체 스팀파워): 322325.126sp

계산 시점에 조회된 @avle 임대총량(임대받은 스팀파워): 5892316.144sp

aics978: 0.012%, 38.679sp, 192.326kvest
asinayo: 0.027%, 87.028sp, 431.0kvest
banjjakism: 0.04%, 128.93sp, 641.208kvest
bdbot: 0.003%, 9.67sp, 49.995kvest
bluesky81: 0.201%, 647.874sp, 3212.308kvest
busantravel1: 0.0%, 0.0sp, 2.482kvest
caferoman: 0.024%, 77.358sp, 375.705kvest
cancerdoctor: 7.005%, 22578.875sp, 111711.724kvest
chan1: 0.166%, 535.06sp, 2655.086kvest
chucho8: 0.023%, 74.135sp, 368.956kvest
cr7pt0: 0.029%, 93.474sp, 456.39kvest
dorian-lee: 0.185%, 596.301sp, 2942.936kvest
eunyx: 0.071%, 228.851sp, 1125.922kvest
firemeister: 0.003%, 9.67sp, 44.135kvest
flowie: 2.653%, 8551.286sp, 42308.784kvest
forealife: 0.434%, 1398.891sp, 6921.915kvest
gatus08: 0.098%, 315.879sp, 1558.029kvest
hallcat: 0.032%, 103.144sp, 514.937kvest
hamsterskywalker: 0.003%, 9.67sp, 47.944kvest
happycoachmate: 5.582%, 17992.189sp, 89015.928kvest
happyworkingmom: 3.379%, 10891.366sp, 53883.073kvest
harryji: 0.034%, 109.591sp, 542.016kvest
hdc: 3.398%, 10952.608sp, 54189.963kvest
hirue: 0.145%, 467.371sp, 2305.922kvest
hive-199903: 0.23%, 741.348sp, 3664.594kvest
hiziny: 0.156%, 502.827sp, 2495.43kvest
isun: 0.025%, 80.581sp, 406.602kvest
ja5127: 0.042%, 135.377sp, 672.4kvest
jade3: 0.038%, 122.484sp, 599.761kvest
jamislee: 14.274%, 46008.688sp, 227626.336kvest
jangin-jeongsin: 0.015%, 48.349sp, 233.727kvest
jenobepa: 3.328%, 10726.98sp, 53069.666kvest
jeong851212: 0.023%, 74.135sp, 364.0kvest
jhj8595: 0.043%, 138.6sp, 691.5kvest
jjj1: 1.397%, 4502.882sp, 22276.349kvest
joviansummer: 0.017%, 54.795sp, 269.577kvest
jswit: 0.005%, 16.116sp, 74.67kvest
junny34: 0.197%, 634.98sp, 3136.446kvest
juyo: 0.022%, 70.912sp, 353.0kvest
kate8: 0.004%, 12.893sp, 70.549kvest
kimpascal: 0.204%, 657.543sp, 3247.08kvest
kimyg18: 0.191%, 615.641sp, 3040.0kvest
kiraxoy: 0.0%, 0.0sp, 0.309kvest
kk2: 0.192%, 618.864sp, 3055.1kvest
kk7: 0.19%, 612.418sp, 3029.7kvest
kkk1: 0.011%, 35.456sp, 179.0kvest
kkk5: 0.774%, 2494.796sp, 12347.624kvest
krcurator01: 0.165%, 531.836sp, 2637.035kvest
krcurator02: 0.173%, 557.622sp, 2764.216kvest
krcurator03: 0.181%, 583.408sp, 2881.195kvest
kyju: 0.384%, 1237.728sp, 6121.654kvest
la-ajumma: 0.514%, 1656.751sp, 8200.0kvest
lawyergt: 1.138%, 3668.06sp, 18150.46kvest
light-hearted: 0.015%, 48.349sp, 236.8kvest
lotusofmymom: 0.426%, 1373.105sp, 6796.062kvest
luminaryhmo: 0.336%, 1083.012sp, 5365.328kvest
maikuraki: 0.023%, 74.135sp, 362.6kvest
mantonge: 0.05%, 161.163sp, 799.709kvest
mint1: 0.189%, 609.194sp, 3011.8kvest
mirae1080: 0.01%, 32.233sp, 162.733kvest
missionsupporter: 0.06%, 193.395sp, 949.739kvest
neojew: 0.139%, 448.032sp, 2223.0kvest
newiz: 0.376%, 1211.942sp, 6003.142kvest
niikii: 0.003%, 9.67sp, 47.483kvest
nixiee-fund: 0.018%, 58.019sp, 287.0kvest
oldstone: 2.115%, 6817.176sp, 33726.816kvest
parkname: 0.278%, 896.064sp, 4433.089kvest
peterchung: 0.846%, 2726.871sp, 13492.567kvest
peterpa: 0.087%, 280.423sp, 1379.457kvest
pposil: 0.103%, 331.995sp, 1646.697kvest
prettyjoo: 0.194%, 625.311sp, 3088.42kvest
redcross21: 1.232%, 3971.046sp, 19648.206kvest
remnant39: 3.402%, 10965.501sp, 54244.597kvest
rme: 2.891%, 9318.419sp, 46104.269kvest
rtytf2: 5.123%, 16512.716sp, 81690.761kvest
sanscrist: 0.026%, 83.805sp, 413.0kvest
section-0: 0.01%, 32.233sp, 152.0kvest
section-1: 0.058%, 186.949sp, 926.276kvest
section-2: 0.063%, 203.065sp, 1002.0kvest
section-3: 0.005%, 16.116sp, 73.52kvest
section-4: 0.005%, 16.116sp, 76.0kvest
ssnam90: 0.171%, 551.176sp, 2730.883kvest
steem-agora: 16.654%, 53680.026sp, 265590.638kvest
stj91: 0.008%, 25.786sp, 130.1kvest
stylegold: 0.008%, 25.786sp, 124.47kvest
tb420292: 0.31%, 999.208sp, 4948.962kvest
tecnoticias: 0.003%, 9.67sp, 55.702kvest
theron11: 0.035%, 112.814sp, 554.068kvest
uncommonriad: 0.001%, 3.223sp, 19.902kvest
uwep: 0.001%, 3.223sp, 23.1kvest
veronicalee: 13.447%, 43343.06sp, 214437.743kvest
visionaer3003: 0.25%, 805.813sp, 3980.398kvest
whitejangmi: 0.027%, 87.028sp, 431.922kvest

AVLE25 가입자(월별 보상 지급 대상자):

banguri: 0.075%, 241.744sp, 1201.992kvest
centering: 0.319%, 1028.217sp, 5093.175kvest
classicalondon: 0.115%, 370.674sp, 1828.512kvest
greentree: 0.578%, 1863.039sp, 9217.272kvest
jsj1215: 0.72%, 2320.741sp, 11480.496kvest
leemikyung: 0.056%, 180.502sp, 893.304kvest
lucky2015: 0.572%, 1843.7sp, 9124.734kvest
m69n: 0.001%, 3.223sp, 15.672kvest
powerego: 0.091%, 293.316sp, 1448.352kvest
redpsy1040: 0.039%, 125.707sp, 620.016kvest
seraphim502: 0.187%, 602.748sp, 2988.264kvest
ssglanders: 0.077%, 248.19sp, 1228.032kvest
trafalgar: 0.489%, 1576.17sp, 7794.331kvest
yann03: 0.015%, 48.349sp, 241.416kvest
yasu: 0.189%, 609.194sp, 3015.468kvest

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